Local Agency
Formation Commission

LAFCo is a state mandated local agency that oversees boundary changes to cities and special districts, the formation of new agencies including incorporation of new cities, and the consolidation of existing agencies.

Mission Statement: Alameda LAFCo provides oversight over local governments to make Alameda County a great place to live and work by balancing the preservation of agriculture and open space with the provision of sustainable municipal services.

The broad goals of the agency are to ensure the orderly formation of local government agencies, to preserve agricultural and open space lands, and to discourage urban sprawl.

For more information on what LAFCos are and how they work, read 50 Years of LAFCO - a Guide to LAFCOs(PDF)

Alameda LAFCo's enterprise system catalog in compliance with SB 272 is included in Alameda County's catalog listing (on page 49 of the downloadable document). Click here to access the catalog.

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Apply for Alameda LAFCO's Alternate Public Member Seat by Friday, June 11, 2021.

Public Review and Comment Period for Alameda LAFCO Proposed Budget and Work Plan for FY 21-22 by Monday, May 3rd.

LAFCO GIS Map Please find Alameda LAFCO's New GIS Map here.