Vice Chair, County Member, Supervisor Scott Haggerty

Scott Haggerty

County Member

Scott Haggerty was first elected to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors representing the First District in 1996. Scott serves on numerous local and regional commissions, and has been appointed to chair many of them. Scott also represents Alameda County at the national level as a member of the National Association of Counties. He was appointed to LAFCo in 1997.

Term expires: 2023

Public member, Sblend Sblendorio

Sblend Sblendorio

Vice Chair
Public Member

Sblend Sblendorio is a practicing attorney based in Pleasanton. With experience negotiating real estate, commercial, and finance matters, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of i-GATE Development Corporation, one of six "iHubs" in the State of California. Sblend has served on many local and regional committees and councils. He has been the public member of LAFCo since 2006.

Term expires: 2022

Supervisor Nate Miley

Nate Miley

County Member

Nate Miley has served as the Alameda County District Four Supervisor since 2001. Before serving the County, he was a member of the Oakland City Council. He currently serves on nine local and regional committees, presiding as the chair or co-chair for five. Nate was appointed to LAFCo in 2001.

Term expires: 2020

City Member, John Marchand

John Marchand

City Member

John Marchand is the current Mayor of Livermore, elected in November, 2011. He previously served six years on the City Council, serving four terms as the Vice Mayor. John is a retired Senior Water Quality Chemist for the Alameda County Water District. He also served as a member of the Zone 7 Water Agency Board of Directors for 15 years. John became a member of LAFCo in 2012.

Term expires: 2020

City Member, Jerry Thorne

Jerry Thorne

City Member

Jerry Thorne is the current Mayor of Pleasanton, elected in November 2012. He previously served two terms on the City Council. Jerry is actively involved in the California League of Cities, where he serves on the Board of Directors, and the National League of Cities. Jerry is also a founding member of the veterans support group the Pleasanton Sentinels of Freedom. He has been a member of LAFCO since 2013.

Term expires: 2021

Special District Member, Ralph Johnson

Ralph Johnson

Special District Member

Ralph Johnson served three terms as President of the Castro Valley Sanitary District Board of Directors. He also worked as an engineer for the Alameda County Flood Control District and the Zone 7 water supply program. Ralph is the current president of the Alameda County Library Foundation. He was appointed to LAFCo in 2012.

Term expires: 2020

Chair, Special District Member, Ayn Wieskamp

Ayn Wieskamp

Special District Member

Ayn Wieskamp is the current Ward 5 Board Member of the East Bay Regional Park District and has held that position since 1999. Before becoming a Board member, Ayn served on several other local and regional councils and boards. She was appointed to LAFCo in 2008.

Term expires: 2023

Supervisor Richard Valle

Richard Valle

County Member, Alternate

Richard Valle has served as Alameda County’s District Two Supervisor since June 2012. Prior to serving the County, he was a member of the city council of Union City from 1997 to 2010. He currently serves on numerous local and regional committees and boards, as chair on two. Richard became an alternate member of LAFCo in 2018.

Term expires: 2022

City Member, alternate, David Haubert

David Haubert

City Member, Alternate

David Haubert is the current mayor of Dublin, elected in November 2014. He served on the Dublin City Council since 2012 and on the Dublin Unified School District Board of Trustees for ten years prior to that. He has over 20 years of business experience, working for national companies as well as small businesses. David previously served on LAFCo, as an alternate public member, 2008-2012.

Term expires: 2023

Special District Member, alternate, Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold

Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold

Special District Member, Alternate

Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold is serving her fourth term on the Dublin San Ramon Services District Board of Directors and is currently Vice President. She is Historian for the City of Dublin and has served on Dublin’s Planning Commission and City Council, as well as other city and county commissions and non-profit organizations. Georgean recently retired from an accounting career. She was appointed as an alternate member of LAFCo in 2013.

Term expires: 2021

Public Member, alternate, Tom Pico

Tom Pico

Public Member, Alternate

Tom Pico is a former Mayor and Councilmember of the City of Pleasanton. He is a Certified Public Accountant with a tax practice in Pleasanton. Tom has previously served on numerous local and regional commissions, many of them as chair. Tom previously served on LAFCO as a City Member. He was appointed as the alternate public member in 2013.

Term expires: 2020

Communication with the Commission may be directed to Alameda LAFCo at 1221 Oak Street, Room 555, Oakland, CA 94612, by phone (510) 271-5142, by fax (510) 272-3784, or e-mail